Why The 1991 Royal Rumble Was A Fight For America

By Maurice D. Proffit
Photo Courtesy of nightside3.tumblr.com

Just like the previous year, the World Wrestling Federation decided to heat up the wrestling scene during the winter, but instead of Orlando, they took their talents to South Beach. The Miami Arena in Miami, Florida played host to the 1991 WWF Royal Rumble. This Rumble PPV would be the 4th annual PPV, building this to be its own mid-winter classic. The mystery and the intrigue of the show of what it originally established still existed.

What set this Royal Rumble apart from its predecessors is that this would be the first Royal Rumble PPV where the World Wrestling Federation Championship would be on the line in its own match. In previous years, the WWF Champion has either been in the rumble match or not scheduled for a match at all. On the card, challenger Sgt. Slaughter would challenge The Ultimate Warrior for the World Wrestling Federation championship. With the country already at war with Iraq, the crowd and the tone of the PPV was seeped deep in red, white and blue, with the exception of Slaughter who was now an Iraqi sympathizer. The match was hate vs intensity as Warrior was determined to take out the enemy. However, with the assistance of Macho King Randy Savage attacking the Warrior, it would be the enemy to leave with the world title.

The Royal Rumble match itself held strong, and read as a “who’s who” with many hall of fame wrestlers who all participated.  A statistic that really shines through is that 30% of the rumble participants lasted 20 or more minutes, with Rick Martel leading the way of lasting 52 min and 17 seconds. At this time, he held the record for the longest running time in the match. The last two men in the match were Hulk Hogan and The Earthquake. This was a reflection of the main event at Summer Slam ’90 when the two powerhouses went one-on-one with each other.  When it looked as if Earthquake had Hogan down, beat and ready to be eliminated, Hogan turned the tables around and had the last say. Hogan would eliminate The Earthquake and reign victorious as the winner. Making him the first back-to-back Royal Rumble winner.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports

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