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The Royal Rumble’s Most Controversial Moments

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The Royal Rumble Controversey

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The Royal Rumble is one of the WWE's "Big Four" original pay per views of the company. This year's Rumble will be the 26th Annual pay per view, holding the tradition long and strong in terms of legacy. The Royal Rumble is the kick off to the new year of wrestling, but more importantly the beginning of the road to Wrestlemania.

One of the elements of the Rumble Pay Per View that stands out and makes the show what it is, is the unpredictability of the show. The feeling that the WWE fan can honestly go into this show and not have a clue as to what will happen next in the show. Whether its the lower card matches, to the championship matches or even the intense main event of the royal rumble match itself, the pay per view will always keep you guessing.

In the past the Rumble Pay Per View would give us intense and emotional moments that we would hold on to, making us ask "what is next". We have seen tag teams split up, we have seen world championships change hands, we have seen new alliances form together. The variety of outcomes when it comes to this storied pay per view is unlimited.

Since the Royal Rumble is the beginning of the road to Wrestlemania, just like any road trip, you need to start it out with excitement, with pizzazz and most importantly, some controversy. With this being said, lets take a look at the top 12 most controversial moments in the history of the Royal Rumble Pay Per View.

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#12.) Ravishing Rick Rude Attacks Warrior In A Pose Down (1989)

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A special feature of the 1989 Royal Rumble was a pose down between two rivals; within The Ultimate Warrior and Ravishing Rick Rude. Rude, brought much to the ring to help with his poses, bottle of baby oil, muscle flexor and all. However, Warrior had the crowd in his hands, on his way to victory, before Rude saw enough and viciously attacked The Warrior.

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#11.) Kane Makes The Undertaker Burn (1998)

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After the Casket Match between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, Michaels barley retains the WWF Championship. But he wouldn’t do it alone as he would have the assistance of Takers brother, Kane. But seeing his brother defeated isn’t enough, where Kane not only took an axe to the casket, but poured gasoline and lit the casket on fire.

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#10.) Owen Hart Puts Brother Bret Hart In His Place (1994)

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Owen and Bret challenged the Quebecers for the WWF Tag Team Champions, and Bret made the statement that he would devote the rest of his career tagging with Owen. However, during the match, Bret sustained an injury and instead of tagging out, Bret tried to go for the win, but couldn’t execute. The ref stopped the match, due to Brets injury. Owen felt that Brets actions were selfish and attacked his older brother.

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#9.) Vince McMahon Owns Austin and The World (1999)

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Vince McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin were the first two in the ring and the last two as well. However, due to the aid of the rest of the Corporation, Austin would spend most of the Rumble at the local medic, and McMahon would be at commentary. Until Austin would come back, but once again at the aid of the corporation, they would assist their boss with the elimination of Austin. Mr. McMahon is going to Wrestlemania?

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#8.) Shawn Michaels Finds The Royal Rumble Loophole For The Win (1995)

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In the 1995 Royal Rumble, both Shawn Michaels and British Bulldog were the first in the ring and the last out as they survived 28 other men. Bulldog thinks he eliminates Michaels and wins the match. But Unbeknownst to Bulldog, Michaels only allowed one foot to hit the floor, which deemed him still in the match. While Bulldog’s back was turned, Michaels, the opportunist, eliminates Bulldog and wins his right to Wrestlemania 11.

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#7.) Sid Proves To Hogan The Rumble Is Every Man For Himself (1992)

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Soon after Summer Slam 1991, Hogan takes Sid under his wing to be the “The New Leader” of the WWF, as Hogan was inching towards retirement. However, at the 1991 Rumble, Sid made it more than known that it was every man for himself, when he eliminated Hogan from the match, costing him the WWE title.

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#6.) Cena and Batista Eliminate Each Other, or Do They? (2005)

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In the 2005 Royal Rumble, both John Cena and Batista were the last two in the ring, and due, to what is said to be a botched ending. Cena and Batista had a replay of the 1994 royal rumble by both going over the top and on the floor. After deliberation of the officials and even Vince McMahon (ripped quads and all), the match was restarted and Batista won.

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#5.) Randy Savage Ends The Warriors Title Regin (1991)

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After being denied of a WWF Championship title shot by The Ultimate Warrior, this would not be the last time that the Warrior would hear from Macho King Randy Savage. During Warriors title defense against Sgt. Slaughter, Savage made his presence felt by an attack by the entrance and topped it off with a scepter hit between the Warriors eye’s to cost Warrior the WWF title.

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#4.) Yokozuna Holds On To Title By Any Means Nessesary (1994)

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The momentum going into the 1994 Royal Rumble for The Undertaker was at an all time high as he was challenging Yokozuna for the WWF title. Yoko knew this and knew he would need help. In the match, as Undertaker was about to win, he was attacked by 12 other wrestlers, with the exposure of his urn, making him vulnerable, leading Yokozuna to ultimate victory.

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#3.) The Rock Fools The World And Mankind (1999)

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The Rock knew he was on an uphill battle, facing off against the man who is basically impervious to pain. This match is an “I Quit” match, in which Mankind would die before saying “I Quit”. With the Rock knowing this, he had to stay one step ahead. After 13 chair shots to the head, knocking Mankind out, The Rock had a voice recording of Mankind playing in the arena of him saying “I Quit”.

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#2.) Austin Shocks The World Behind The Refs Back (1997)

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Bret “The Hitman” Hart finds elation as he eliminates his nemesis Stone Cold Steve Austin from the Rumble match. However, Austin realizes he has a break as all of the refs are tied up on the other side of the ring with Cactus Jack and Terry Funk, allowing Austin never to be marked “eliminated”. Austin seizes the moment, enters back into the match, clears the ring, including Bret Hart to win the Rumble match.

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#1.) Bret Hart and Lex Luger, Co-Winners? (1994)

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In the 1994 Royal Rumble, both Bret “The Hitman” Hart and Lex Luger were the last two in the ring for the Rumble contest and one of them was going to Wrestlemania. Until during the tussle by the ropes, both men spilled onto the floor. After 15 min of deliberation from the officials and WWF President Jack Tunney, the ruling was that both men would have to be “co-winners” of the 1994 Rumble. Never done before.