A Blazing Surprise Coming To The Raw 20th Anniversary

By Maurice D. Proffit
Photo Courtesy of Fanpop.com


Just when you think that you have all of the answers, Vince McMahon changes the questions. Former WWF and WCW Womens champion (and legend) “Medusa” (also known as Alyndra Blaze in her WWF days) will be making a return to the WWE ring for the 20th anniversary of Monday Night Raw Next week. Earlier today Medusa was on twitter and tweeted the following:

“Houston this saturday for monster jam and WWE Monday nite raw!”

Her appearance on Raw next week for the anniversary show will be simply unprecedented as her last major television appearance was very infamous. In 1995 when her contract expired, Medusa opted to not resign with the World Wrestling Federation, but instead signed (back) on with World Championship Wrestling. When she made her return to Nitro, Medusa went to the commentary booth and live on national television, she dumped the WWF Women’s Championship in the trash can, indicating that was where the belt belonged. After that, the Womens Title was vacated until 1998. It was this act that made McMahon cautious to never have a champion who had an unsigned contract, thus influencing the Montreal Screw Job, to ensure the same thing would not happen to the WWF Championship.

Fans have said for a long time now that Medusa  may never make her way back to a WWE ring for this reason, and blew all of her chances of being inducted into the Hall Of Fame. However, those speculations and theories can be laid to rest as she is obviously on cordial speaking terms with the WWE, in order to make her appearance next week. Needless to say, this should be pretty exciting to see her appear in the ring once again and who knows what the future will hold for Medusa.

Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports.

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