The Historic Aspect Of The Comparatively Sluggish 1993 Royal Rumble

By Maurice D. Proffit
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If the 1992 Royal Rumble was fighter jet ripping the sky into oblivion, the 1993 Royal Rumble slowed that momentum down quite a bit for the kick starter pay per view of the year. Not saying that the 93 Rumble was a failure, because the pay per view was not bad. It is just an honest black and white difference when you compare the two shows.

One element about the 1993 rumble is that just one week prior to the winter classic, was the debut of the first ever Monday Night Raw, live from the Manhattan Center. It was an interesting time to debut what would soon to be a history making prime time television staple. However, the WWF already had the 9pm est time slot on USA network, as it used to be Prime Time Wrestling. The transition from Prime Time to Raw was an easy one, as it basically was “Tonight is our last Prime Time, next week will be the debut of Raw”. With this said, the 93 Rumble already had the advertising momentum that is should have, going into a major pay per view.

This would be the 2nd time where the WWF Championship would be on the line in a one on one match at the Rumble ppv, having Bret Hart defend the gold against Razor Ramon. Bret would successfully defend his title against Ramon and would await to find out his Wrestlemania opponent.

This Rumble would be historic as this would be the first Rumble where the stipulation of the winner of the rumble faces the WWF Champion at Wrestlemania would be activated. Since then, this has been the stapled stipulation for the match. As mentioned in the 1992 article, this year would be a focus on newer WWF talent, so the fire of familiarity was some what slim. The statement of the new direction of the WWF would be made, as new comer Yokozuna would survive the match and win his ticket to face Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 9.


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