What Happened To Kofi Kingston?

By Damian Seeto
kofi kingston ko
Image from wwepredictor.wordpress.com

If we reverse time back to late 2009, Kofi Kingston was on top of the world. He was in the middle of an exciting main event caliber feud with Randy Orton and things seemed to be looking up for the young wrestler. Now it seems like Kingston will forever be stuck in mid-card hell…

There’s speculation that Kingston’s push was halted by Orton in a now (in)famous moment in a match they had during a Raw show. Kingston was out of position for the RKO and Orton berated him in front of the crowd and people watching at home by calling him “stupid”.

Kingston then spent the last two years becoming Intercontinental and US Champion and even captured the World Tag Team Titles with R-Truth earlier this year too. When that team split earlier in 2012, it appeared as if Kingston was ready for another push to main event level once again in the company.

He first captured the Intercontinental Championship one more time and defended it for a few months. That is until last week when he dropped the belt to Wade Barrett. This was okay since Barrett himself is also crawling his way back to the main event scene too.

It’s not until this week that it seems like WWE is burying Kingston for some reason yet again. In a match that surprised everyone, the Big Show punched Kingston instantly and pinned him as fast as he could. Why would WWE book him to lose so cheaply and quickly? Was it time issues or did Kingston do something wrong that upset WWE officials?

We’ll have to wait and see that happens to Kingston from here on out. If he’s not booked at WrestleMania 29 this year, someone in the back must want to bury him…

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