John Cena Gives The Attitude Adjustment To Fruity Pebbles

By Maurice D. Proffit
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You almost have to ask if Vince McMahon walked into the corporate headquarters of Post Cereal, with his famous millionaire swagger walk. From there McMahon proceeds to grab a microphone and looks directly into the eyes of Fred Flinstone and in his typical demonstrative way says, “Fred Flinstone, Your FIRED”! Similar to the way that McMahon has done to so many other WWE Superstars on air for various story-lines.

Well, Fred Flinstone is definitely not fired, but is taking a break from being featured on the front of the popular cereal by Post, Fruity Pebbles. Instead of our favorite prehistoric dad, the cover will be graced by the presence of WWE Superstar, John Cena.

The former world champion will be making a guest appearance on the cover of the cereal box for both Fruity and Coco Pebbles, next to Flinstones character “Bam Bam”. Cena will be shown as an animated figure, keeping in the tradition of the normal character depictions that the box shows. For those who are and/or have children whom are avid fans of the cereal, no need to worry, this is only a guest run as I assume this will run parallel with the build up for Wrestlemania 29. Especially since there is a contest on the box for fans to win a trip to Wrestlemania 30.

Many will remember that the partnership between WWE and Post Cereal came about a year ago when The Rock cut a promo on Cena indicating that Cena looks like a “walking box of Fruity Pebbles”, due to his over the top colorful ring attire. This would be followed up the next week showing Cena eating a bowl of the breakfast favorite. Kids who are fans of Cena and fans of the cereal should get a kick out of seeing this. Whats even more impressive and needs to be addressed if that this multi-million dollar deal/partnership is in thanks to a Rock in ring promo ad-lib. Well played Rock, well played bad.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer of Rant Sports


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