The Rock Helps Raw Ratings

By Damian Seeto
The Rock beats Punk
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The Rock’s long awaited return to the WWE after a seven month absence has been seen as a good thing. The WWE received its highest ratings since last August when it was building up for SummerSlam.

Prior to The Rock’s appearance earlier this week, the show had been receiving the lowest ever ratings since 1997 before the Attitude Era boom started in 1998.

After SummerSlam 2012, Brock Lesnar “left” the company again and The Rock was still busy filming lots of movies such as the upcoming Fast 6 and more. WWE had no major name wrestling at the time and interest in the company as a whole was dropping. As a result of this, Raw’s ratings went down.

Even though there was initial excitement that WWE could have made a new star with Ryback, they went to the safe route and let CM Punk keep the WWE Title. Sure Punk deserves his current title reign, but one has to wonder how much longer he will keep the title as he has not effected the ratings in any way.

Many people thought Raw’s ratings were low because it became a permanent three hour show since July. This may be true, although this week’s Raw rating reflects that a show that is exciting throughout will keep viewers glued to their screens.

This week’s Raw was not only successful because of the Rock, but the company also advertised a TLC WWE Championship match too. Punk defended his title against Ryback in an exciting encounter. But it ws the end segment between Punk and The Rock that garnered the most viewers.

The WWE are sure to be happy with the rating considering they went up against the BCS National Championship game on ESPN which had over 26 million viewers. Next week’s Raw might even rate better since it’s the 20th anniversary show.

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