Who Won The Rock Vs. Punk Promo Battle?

By Sebastian Suave
Courtesy of wwepredictor.wordpress.com

There’s a lot of debate among the internet wrestling community over this week’s episode of WWE Raw. The controversy wasn’t over the ratings or the quality of matches. The ratings did quite well while the Monday night flagship program provided great contests.

The fans witnessed solid bouts that pitted John Cena versus Dolph Ziggler, Team Hell No versus Team Rhodes Scholars, C.M. Punk versus Ryback in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs match,  and other bouts that showcased some of the finer talents within the WWE.

It’s what happened at the end of Raw that had everyone talking. Out came Punk delivering what could be argued as a second pipe bomb. Punk expressed his sentiments about a range of topics from how the fans are puppets to emphasizing that he is a bad guy in this world. Punk went on to “break the fourth wall” as he put it in his first pipe bomb by making mention of talented wrestler’s who are held back because they don’t pander to the audiences and others who are relegated to embarrassing characters.

Eventually The Rock came and electrified the millions and millions as he does so well. From dropping his classic catchphrases to trending new terms like “cookie puss”, The Rock was at the top of his game. This lead to the eventually back and forth verbal sparring that many fans have been waiting for since Punk bested Rocky some months ago. Punk even dropped a line about Rock’s arms simply being “too short to box with God”. Many among the internet wrestling community highlighted this moment as the turning point that gave Punk the edge while others claim that Rock held back in order to not make Punk look week.

Pro wrestling is an art and it’s too subjective. Who won? Well it depends on who you like. It depends on if you like wit or insults that cross the line. It depends on if you believe that the crowd’s reaction is the best measuring tool or not. It depends on if you believe each respective wrestler’s objective was to best the other on the mic or to sell tickets and PPV buys.

In my humble opinion, it’s apples and oranges as both delivered impressive promos and rebuttals in their own respective ways. Now in reality it is the WWE that won because the promo battle has everyone talking and whether you love both of those guys, one or neither, you are likely going to be tuning in to watch these two wrestling icons lock up at Royal Rumble !

I do however have one way of helping you decided who won in your own respective eyes. Ask yourself this one question. Are you tuning in to see your guy win or to see his opponent get his butt kicked? The good old Hulk Hogan/Roddy Pipper debate.

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