WWE Removes Wrestling Revolution From Android Marketplace

By Damian Seeto
Wrestling Revolution Screenshot
Image from reviewfix.com

The WWE has removed a game from the Android marketplace called Wrestling Revolution.

The game had become the most downloaded and most popular wrestling game on Android before it got pulled. Although the game did not feature any official WWE wrestlers and/or likenesses, players could create their own wrestlers, and most of their creations were WWE wrestlers.

Surprisingly, this is not the reason why the company demanded Google to pull the game off the Android platform. The actual reason the game was removed was because it appeared as the top search on Android when people wanted to download the official WWE app.

The fact that Wrestling Revolution didn’t infringe on any of WWE’s copyrights makes this mind-boggling, to say the least. Just because the game appeared on the search rankings higher does not give the company a right to remove it from the marketplace. The game’s creator (Mat Dickie) commented that WWE were not able to “show tolerance and respect” on the matter.

Thankfully, the game is still available up on Apple’s iOS store. This is only because it’s not as popular over there, where WWE rules the iOS platform with its apps.

The only reason I could come up with as to why the game was removed was because many people thought it looked like an official WWE video game. The game’s creator must have tagged “WWE” into the search terms and made Wrestling Revolution a the top entry. Therefore, more people would have downloaded his game in lieu of the WWE’s official app instead. Still, I think it’s a bit unfair for them to remove the entire game, than for him to simply remove the tag.

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