Are Any WWE Pay Per Views Coming To Your Town In 2013?

By Maurice D. Proffit
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Just like any other beginning of the year procedures, the WWE released its complete 2013 Pay Per View schedule for the year to all of its media affiliates which includes all dates and locations. Its always a pleasure to see what is in store for the year in terms of WWE PPV programming, since this will give fans a jump start to try to either save or buy tickets when they are available.

Some of the locations are already known like the Royal Rumble in a couple of weeks being in Phoenix, Arizona, and Wrestlemania 29 being in New York/New Jersey. Here is the list, see if any 2013 pay per views are going to be in your local home town.

Royal Rumble – 1/27/13 – Phoenix, AZ

Elimination Chamber – 2/17/13 – New Orleans, LA

WrestleMania – 4/7/13 – East Rutherford, NJ

Extreme Rules – 5/19/13 – St. Louis, MO

TBD – 6/16/13 – Chicago, IL

Money In The Bank – 7/14/13 – Philadelphia, PA

SummerSlam – 8/18/13 – Los Angeles, CA

Night Of Champions – 9/15/13 – Detroit, MI

Over The Limit – 10/6/13 – Buffalo, NY

Hell In A Cell – 10/27/13 – Miami, FL

Survivor Series – 11/24/13 – Boston, MA

TLC – 12/15/13 – Houston, TX


Impressive list and the list looks similar to what you would normally expect in a WWE Pay Per View List. One piece that is painfully noticeable is the June 16th Chicago, IL PPV. A name isn’t announced yet, however this is normally your “Over The Limit” or (newly placed) “No Way Out”, so WWE may not have set on which PPV name they want to use.

I personally do appreciate seeing that the WWE went back to a 12 PPV a year schedule rather the 15. In some situations, a person can have 3 PPV’s on one billing cycle. If that’s the case, were talking about $150 on PPV alone. Not pocket friendly to anyone in the WWE Universe.


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