Zack Ryder Ends Youtube Show

By Damian Seeto
Zack Ryder Youtube Video
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Zack Ryder it appears has ended his long famous Youtube show. “Z! True Long Island Story” celebrated its 100th episode this week and it looks like it is the final ever episode.

The video has now been posted on WWE’s official Youtube channel and recaps most of the famous moments of the show’s two year history. The show was popular enough to give Ryder a mini push in the company back in 2011 and earned him a ton of fans because of it. Sadly though, the show has ended but what will become of Ryder now?

It’s unknown as to why Ryder decided to end the show on his own terms, but it could be because he wants a gimmick change. After all, he spent the majority of 2012 being a jobber and his career and character hasn’t changed much. If Ryder were to become a heel, there might be a chance he will get another push.

Hopefully, this doesn’t mean Ryder is due to be released from the WWE. Trent Barreta (one of Ryder’s best friends) was released just a few hours ago and more wrestlers are expected to be released over the weekend too.

Whatever the reasons are, this is the final episode of the show and it does not look like Ryder will be making any more videos from now on. Also, it looks like his match against Dolph Ziggler at WrestleMania 29 has been called off too. One has to wonder what match both men will be booked at the event now…

Take a look at the final episode of Z! True Long Island Story by clicking here.

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