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Is Los Angeles Hosting WWE SummerSlam Again A Good Thing?

summerslam los angeles 2009

Image from flickr.com

You may have noticed earlier last week that the WWE revealed its official PPV schedule for 2013. One thing that may displease some fans is that SummerSlam will be held in Los Angeles again.

Ever since 2009, WWE made the decision to hold its 2nd biggest PPV of the year at the Staples Center in Los Angeles each and every year. The reason the company did this is because of all of the media attention it gets by holding SummerSlam so close to Hollywood. This means a lot of celebrities may have time to attend WWE media events or even have time to be involved at SummerSlam itself.

Los Angeles is also a great location for WWE to hold such an event for a number of reasons. The city has an international airport so it’s easier for tourists to get in and out. It will save them time and money to stop over having to stop at a another city and drive and/or catch another flight if SummerSlam was held in a smaller American city.

Having said that, American fans across the country may find it unfortunate that an event like SummerSlam is held in the West Coast each and every year. Not to mention SummerSlam was held in Canada and even the UK in its over 25 year history.

There were some rumors late last year that WWE was planning to hold the event in the UK again much like it did back in 1992, when over 80,000 fans packed Wembley Stadium to watch The British Bulldog vs. Bret Hart. I’m guessing talks of that have died down since all of the PPV events in 2013 are being held in the USA only.