The 2000 Royal Rumble Picks Up The Ball And Sprints

By Maurice D. Proffit
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The setbacks that the 1999 Royal Rumble presented, the 2000 Royal Rumble emphatically made up for it. Not only was the 2000 Royal Rumble a direct turn around, in terms of quality, but the Rumble would be held at the holy stand grounds of professional wrestling as it would hail from Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Going into this Rumble would be the first year where Stone Cold Steve Austin would not have any involvement with the Rumble since 1995 before his debut. Since Austin was out and has been the favorite for the past few years, this years Rumble was anyone game. But speaking of unpredictability, one element that was exciting to see about the rumble being in the Garden would be the aisle. Yes, you read that right, the aisle. Normally when the WWF visits the garden the aisle is short and with this for the rumble, this means the action is hotter and faster!

We are back to a rumble where both the Championship title match and the rumble match would be filled with a ton of excitement. The WWF Championship would be on the line as Triple H would defend the title against Cactus Jack in a Street Fight. Triple H may’ve thought he had it easy when originally he had Mankind’s number, but facing the alter ego of Cactus Jack was a level of violence that even he wasn’t ready for. The match was an absolute blood bath and every possible weapon you could think of was a factor into the match. However, The Game would show why he was the WWF Champion by defeating the hardcore legend and retaining the title.

The rumble match had some of the WWF’s finest during the attitude era in this fast pace match. Some of the biggest and best names like Big Boss Man, British Bulldog, Viscera, The Road Dogg Jesse James, and many more, all looking to be in line for a WWF Championship shot at Wrestlemania. The Rumble would conclude with the last two men being The Rock and Big Show, with The Rock prevailing going on to Wrestlemania for a shot at the title.


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