What Is Happening To The WWE Divas Division?

By Damian Seeto
wwe diva eve
Image from fanpop.com

In a somewhat surprising move, Eve Torres has left the WWE as of today and Kaitlyn has now been crowned as the new Divas Champion as seen on the 20th Anniversary edition of Raw.

Torres joins a host of other Divas that decided to leave the professional wrestling company in the past 12 months or so. Is this because the WWE isn’t treating them correctly, or is it something else?

The first people to go were The Bella Twins. They did a ton of promotional work for the company and gained some publicity thanks to them being “twins”. Ultimately they decided not to renew their contracts to pursue other things.

Kelly Kelly was the next big name from the division to leave. She was arguably WWE’s most popular diva at the time and was named in Maxim’s sexiest list for two years running. Because of this, she started to get offers from outside the WWE such as modelling and acting gigs. WWE decided to release her from her contract as they felt she wasn’t interested in wrestling anymore because of this.

Beth Phoenix decided to leave the company just three months after Kelly’s departure. It’s unknown as to why Phoenix decided to leave, although it could be because she wanted to spend more time with her boyfriend Edge.

In a somewhat idiotic move, the company released Kharma from her contract. They felt she was out of shape and too depressed (after her miscarriage) to wrestle for them and decided to get rid of her completely.

Not only are those names all gone, but some developmental divas have also been cut over the past year too. Does WWE even care about its female wrestlers anymore? Does the likes of Kaitlyn, AJ Lee, Natalya, Tamina, Layla and others have what it takes to lead the divas division to a brighter future?

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