The Dawn of The New Era Begins at The 2002 Royal Rumble

By Maurice D. Proffit
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2002 was not only the 2nd year of the millennium  but this was the year of the new era in the World Wrestling Federation.  The era known as “The Attitude Era” was being phased out and a different day in age of wrestling was coming in, the Ruthless Aggression Era. This era came about after the WWF purchased World Championship Wrestling the year before (and Extreme Championship Wrestling). Vince McMahon became the sole owner of all major professional wrestling outlets on planet earth. It didn’t take gumption, it didn’t take hope or hard work. What it took to accomplish this, was ruthless aggression. The 2002 WWF Royal Rumble would be the jump start of this new philosophy.

This Rumble is coming off the heels of the recent “Invasion” angle where the alliance of WCW and ECW invaded the WWF and the WWF would prevail overall. Since the acquisition of the two promotions, the WWF roster grew considerably in size. From this comes the added benefit of top names being involved in the rumble match. The star power of this years royal rumble, was so heavy, that it competed with the 19992 rumble in terms of the “who’s-who” of the WWF.

Men in the match were Big Boss Man, The Undertaker, Saturn, Diamond Dallas Page, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mr. Perfect, Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam and Kane. With the grand star power of this rumble, it hightened the unpredicatbility factor of this match. However, one man stood out the most, coming back from a quad injury, Triple H made his PPV return. His return was felt by the world as he showed that the game was ready to play, by winning the 2002 Royal Rumble.


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