The Miz Is Not A Good WWE Babyface

By Damian Seeto
babyface miz
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When the WWE decided to make The Miz into a babyface, many people were scratching their heads as to why this decision was made in the first place. Several months later, it looks like no progress has been made.

The problem with The Miz’s face “turn” is that it did not occur in a specific moment or during a storyline shift, unlike the situation with Alberto Del Rio, where he came to the rescue of Ricardo Rodriguez, who was being beaten up by 3MB.

The only thing that happened to The Miz was that he was recruited to Mick Foley’s Survivor Series team. It wasn’t as if the WWE gave fans the chance to cheer for him. Just because he decided to team up with a group of babyfaces, doesn’t give us a valid reason to cheer for him — not to mention he played a heel character for the majority of his WWE career.

There were some feelings that Del Rio’s face turn was mediocre too, but all those doubts have been squashed thanks to his World Heavyweight Championship win. As for The Miz, he has still yet to connect with the fans in this regard.

A fan in attendance at the 20th Anniversary of Raw reported that The Miz was not well liked by the majority of the crowd. Many people wanted to see Ric Flair perform the figure-four leg lock on Antonio Cesaro, who crashed Miz’s inteview with the living legend, but got disappointed when The Miz did it instead.

WWE is hoping his current feud with Cesaro will help fans start to cheer for him. Maybe if he manages to win the United States Championship, they might start cheering for him. As for now, nobody seems to like this “babyface” Miz character…

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