The Real Reason Alberto Del Rio Is World Champion

By Damian Seeto
Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio
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A few weeks ago Alberto Del Rio became World Heavyweight Champion by winning the title off the Big Show in a Last Man Standing match on Smackdown. Many people believed he won to please WWE’s large Hispanic market, but it now seems like a different reason has surfaced.

According to a report from Wrestlezone, the reason Del Rio won is because of Big Show himself. WWE couldn’t come to terms with him signing a new contract as his current one was expiring soon. Fearing he was going to leave the company soon, they decided to crown Del Rio champion as soon as possible.

Big Show’s match with Del Rio could have been his last match in the company, but now it appears both sides have reached an agreement. He has not missed any shows, and is scheduled to face Del Rio in a rematch at the Royal Rumble PPV.

Vince McMahon is now happy with Del Rio as champion and Smackdown shows will focus on him now. That’s not to say Big Show will be a mid-carder going forward, but he’s not likely to become champion again anytime soon.

It will be interesting to see if Del Rio loses the title soon. Randy Orton is rumored to face Sheamus for the belt at WrestleMania 29. Big Show is rumored to face Ryback at the show too. If this is the case, where does this leave Del Rio?

For now, Del Rio is the main focus for now and we’ll just to wait and see what WWE decides from now on…

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