Death Becomes Him At The 2007 Royal Rumble

By Maurice D. Proffit
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The 2007 Royal Rumble got the stalled engine going once again since coming off the heels of the previous year’s rumble. The 2007 Rumble went back to its traditional format of placing the Royal Rumble match as the headlining closing match of the night, not the middle of the card like the previous year. In addition, unlike the previous year, the Royal Rumble Pay Per View did better in terms of a quality show.

This was a night when the big men stood tall and strong in the WWE. Bobby Lashely defeated Test via count-out to retain the ECW World Championship. Batista retained the World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Mr. Kennedy. And John Cena successfully defended the WWE Championship by defeating the Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga. All championships would stay in the hands of each champion at the end of the night. However, each champion would have their eyes glued as the Royal Rumble would begin.

The 2007 Royal Rumble would be a little bit different this year, since the winner of the Rumble match would have their choice as to which World Champion they would face at Wrestlemania, since they now have three options. It was only a given that Batista, Bobby Lashley and John Cena would pay close attention to this. The Rumble would be filled with many future stars of the business, sort of a window into tomorrow’s greats in superstars like The Miz, CM Punk, Johnny Nitro, MVP and Kenny Dykstra. However, closing out the Rumble would be two of the all-time great veterans continuing their historic rivalry. Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker would put on 10 of the greatest minutes in Royal Rumble history as one of them would be going to Wrestlemania. It was just a matter of “who wanted it more”. And the answer to that question was, The Undertaker.


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