More Names Rumored To Be In WWE Hall of Fame 2013

By Damian Seeto
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Following the rumor that DX will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year, two other names are now rumored to be in this year’s ceremony in Madison Square Garden.

The rumor suggests that Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Scott Hall are the two names that are being suggested for the Hall of Fame this year. In the past, both men have been suffering from severe alcohol and drug problems since both of them retired from professional wrestling many years ago. Hall wasn’t even comfortable enough to see his friend Shawn Michaels inducted to the Hall of Fame back in 2011. He was the only member of “The Kliq” that was absent that night.

Roberts too has suffered from his demons in the past and WWE did not want to induct him or Hall as it might have given the company a bad name. With number of wrestlers that have died over the years with steroid and drug problems, the company wants to clean its media image.

The only reason both men are now being considered is all thanks to Diamond Dallas Page (DDP). Both men are training with DDP doing his “DDP Yoga” program as well as trying to live a clean and healthy life. DDP has since reached out to WWE to try and get a positive word out for them so that they could both be considered to be in the Hall of Fame.

As of now, we’ll just have to wait for an official announcement from WWE itself. They’re either looking to induct DX or The Kliq this year. If the Kliq is considered, Hall could be inducted as being a part of the group.

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