Bob Backlund Finally to be Inducted Into WWE Hall of Fame

By Damian Seeto
bob backlund hall of fame
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As seen on Raw, Bob Backlund has been named as the second inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame 2013.

Backlund has wrestled for many years but started off wrestling “for real” in amateur wrestling. He then started professional wrestling in 1973 when he wrestled in the American Wresting Association (AWA).

He will be best known for his time wrestling in the WWF. He has the second longest title in the company. He did not best Bruno Sammartino’s nearly seven year long reign but he did keep the belt for four years before losing it to The Iron Sheik.

Some fans have been wondering why it took so long for someone with Backlund’s resume to be inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame. The company has offered him the chance many times over the years but Backlund declined each time.

Backlund had ill feelings toward WWE chairman Vince McMahon because he felt he deserved another WWF title run back in the 1980s. Of course, that never happened as McMahon gave Hulk Hogan a lengthy main event run. Even when Backlund came back to the WWE in the mid 1990s, Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels were the top guys in the business at that point in time.

This year’s Hall of Fame ceremony takes place in Madison Square Garden. Backlund sold out the venue more than 40 times as a main eventer according to the Wrestling Observer. Only Sammartino sold out the venue more times than he did. If the Hall of Fame 2013 ceremony is sold out, Backlund will sell out Madison Square Garden once again.

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