WWE Rumors: Who will Win the 2013 Royal Rumble?

By Andrew Fisher
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Just days away from the 2013 Royal Rumble, it’s time to start predicting the winner, or potential winners. Let’s be honest, while there are 30 participants in the Rumble match, there are really only a handful of wrestlers who could really win.

This year, the list of entrants is less than spectacular. At current time, there are only three open spots for surprise entrants. Now things can always change last minute, but fans shouldn’t hold their breath for a surprise return or winner this year.

As far I as I see it, there are five realistic winners, and one stands above the rest. Here’s a breakdown by percentage of who I think will be in contention:

John Cena – 75%

Sheamus – 10%

Randy Orton – 5%

Dolph Ziggler – 5%

Ryback – 5%

Clearly, I think it’s Cena’s match to lose, and for good reason. It’s all about Rock vs. Cena II at Wrestlemania 29 – like it or not, that’s likely the main event we get. The ante has to be upped for the rematch, so adding the title into the mix is a logical step.

All of the other potential winners would likely challenge for the WHC and not even be involved in the WWE title picture. Cena has the most big picture potential as the winner. You could make a case for Orton, but would he take on Rock or Punk? No, he’d go after Del Rio or whoever has the WHC in a month.

I’d actually like to see Orton vs. Rock, but I just don’t think that’s the WM 29 match most people want to see.

The way I see it, there’s a 25% chance Cena doesn’t win. Not great odds, but it’s possible. WWE can easily find a way to get to Rock/Cena II without Cena winning the Rumble. It’s actually better for the business if they do it that way – Cena doesn’t need a Rumble win, but everyone else does.

Still, the safe money is with Cena. I hope I’m wrong.

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