The 2010 Royal Rumble Lacked a Certain Edge, but Contained Another

By Maurice D. Proffit
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The 2010 Royal Rumble had some strong hits and some very bold misses. Broadcast live from Atlanta, Georgia in the Phillips arena, the former home of WCW would host that year’s Rumble as well as the following year’s Wrestlemania.

Since the acquisition of World Championship Wrestling, the state of Georgia has given a warm reception to the WWE brand overall, considering the past history of ugly battles with WWE chairman Vince McMahon. Warm would also be the best overall description for the 2010 Rumble.

Some of the variations of the show were incredibly hot and made for excellent television, where as some aspects of the program fell quite flat and could have been booked better. Five championships would be on the line in this pay-per-view. Christian would retain the ECW championship against Ezekiel Jackson (the last time we will see the ECW title at the Rumble ppv). The Miz defeated MVP to retain the United States title in a match that desperately needed a better booking.

In a highly anticipated Women’s title match, Mickie James would defeat Michelle McCool to win the title. However, the match was only 20 seconds long, which was unfair, considering the in depth story-line that lead to the match.

In the main events, Sheamus would retain the WWE Championship against Randy Orton, and in a match that may have been the highlight of the event, The Undertaker would retain the World Heavyweight Championship against Rey Mysterio in a very strong, competitive fight.

The Royal Rumble match itself would be the last rumble that would be tri-branded, as the ECW brand would close for good in the spring. This Rumble was met with a lot of criticism due to its shortened length and the fact that wrestlers weren’t lasting very long before being sent over the top rope. The average time a wrestler was in the match was around 2 min. The surprise entrant, making his return from injury (ala John Cena) would be Edge. And Edge would eliminate Cena to gain the victory.


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