Jim Johnston Reveals His Ten Favorite WWE Music Themes

By Damian Seeto
Jim Johnston WWE
Image from last.fm

WWE‘s website has interviewed Jim Johnston where he revealed his top ten favorite entrance music themes of all time in the company.

Johnston has been WWE’s sole music composer since 1985 and has single-handedly composted most of the entrance themes of all of the wrestlers’ music. The only times he hasn’t composed music for wrestlers is if they choose to use outside licensed music or choose to make their own. Some of these special cases include CM Punk’s and John Cena’s theme songs among others.

His top ten favorite theme songs are in no particular order:

-“Stone Cold” Steve Austin
-Randy Orton
-The Prime Time Players
-D-Generation X
-Ultimate Warrior
-Val Venis
-Triple H
-The Undertaker

In honorable mention are the following theme songs:

-“S.O.S.” (Kofi Kingston)
-“Here Comes The Money” (Shane McMahon)
-“Girls In Cars” (Strike Force)
-Gangrel/The Brood Theme
-Dude Love Theme

Obviously opinions will always differ, but I do find it interesting how Johnston did not name Hulk Hogan and his “Real American’ theme song as one of his favorites. That song pretty much introduced the concept of wrestlers entering with theme music in the first place. Hogan expressed in his book that he first entered with Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” since he was in Rocky 3. This elicited a huge reaction from the crowd and Hogan pitched the idea to Vince McMahon. I’m not sure how true his account is, but it does sound legit.

Needless to say, Johnston is still composing music for the WWE to this day. The most popular music album he released was in 1998 which featured Austin’s theme song plus a host of other Attitude Era themes.

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