Is the 2013 Royal Rumble Doomed For Fan Failure?

By Maurice D. Proffit
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As the wrestling world knows, tonight is the 2013 Royal Rumble, the official kick off to the beginning of the road to Wrestlemania. However, when looking at the scheduled pay per view card, the WWE is setting an example of what not to do when starting off the  2013 pay per view calendar. Over the last month, we here at Rant Sports have been doing a Royal Rumble daily countdown leading to today’s events. In the list we have made mention of various Rumble pay per views that were not up to par. According to the already set match card, the 2013 Rumble pay per view could be on that short list of terrible Rumbles.

I have already had an existing problem with the mid card titles being forgotten entities within the WWE for some years now. However, within the last couple of years, the WWE has brought back various Intercontinental Title matches and US title matches that forced us to either hit the “DVR” button or the “Rewind” button on our remotes. However, seeing that the United States title match between Antonio Cesaro and Former WWE Champion The Miz is being booked for the pre-show, something is not right. We are talking about a championship title match at one of the “Big 4” ppvs of the year, and it’s being treated like a dark match? This is the United States title, the under rung to reaching the World Heavyweight Championship, but yet, its being treated as if it is some throwaway match.

I know what you’re asking, “How can one match ruin an entire pay per view”? The answer to this is the logic of having that match on the pre-show and not on the main card will be detrimental to the story that has already been built between those two. Cesaro and The Miz have never met in the ring and to some, depending on what wrestlers you lie, could be the match you are looking forward to the most. If either Cesaro or Miz is one of the guys that you exclusively set your DVRs for, its going to be heartbreaking seeing that they were not even considered for the main show. The under card matches are built up for a reason, to either continue an existing story line or bring it to an end. The WWE should want people to buy the show because you know they are saying “I want to pay for that U.S. title match!”. But instead WWE says , “Lets just give it away on the free Live YouTube show?”  Financially this is a major misfire on their end.

When you take a look at the match card it reads like this:

WWE Champion CM Punk vs The Rock

World H Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio vs The Big Show (Last Man Standing Match)

30 Man Royal Rumble Match

WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No vs Team Rhoads Scholars

United States Champion Antionio Cesaro vs The Miz (Pre Show)

Now lets do the break down of the math. The pay per view tonight will be a title of two hours and 45 min. The Royal Rumble match will be between 45 min and one hour. Now we are between two hours and one hour and 45 min. Punk and The Rock will go 30 min tops. one hours to one hr 15 min left. Lets say Show and ADR goes 30 min; 30 min to 45 min left in the show. The tag team match will be 10 min tops, this means we have 35-20 min left. Now granted, we have backstage promos and videos, but that will not cover the rest of the time. This means, there will be an additional unannounced match for the pay per view. We will either see a Divas match or a Broadus Clay dance off. If this is true, the United States Championship  held by the likes of Greg Valentine, Harley Race, Magnum T.A., Steve Austin and Diamond Dallas Page, is being knocked off the main show by the likes of a botch worthy Divas match and a pointless dance routine? This is exactly how you ruin the vibe of a pay per view.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer For Rant Sports

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