CM Punk vs The Rock Was Disappointing

By Damian Seeto
the rock vs cm punk royal rumble 2013
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WWE and many fans were foaming in the mouth to see the epic counter between CM Punk and The Rock at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Title. It was an encounter that was hyped for six months. Sadly though, the match itself failed to live up to expectations.

Punk was WWE Champion for 434 days and is the sixth longest reigning champion in company history. For Punk to lose the title, it should have been in a memorable match that would have been talked about for years to come. Prior to the Royal Rumble, The Rock would have been the perfect opponent for him, Now that the Royal Rumble has concluded, the match itself was nothing but a disappointment.

One thing was that the outcome of the match was already known thanks to the Royal Rumble match being scheduled before. If John Cena had not won the Royal Rumble just minutes before, the result of this match wouldn’t have been so predictable. Since the audience just saw Cena win, the crowd wasn’t as loud as they could have been for a match of this caliber since everyone knew that The Rock would win.

Another thing that ruined this match was the false finish. I know Punk is a heel, but they should have let him go out strong by competing fair and square. Having “The Shield” interfere again is stale as they’ve helped Punk keep the title multiple times before. It was a stale concept and WWE should have booked something more unpredictable instead.

The last thing that bugged me about the match was that the match itself was slow and boring anyway. The majority of the match was just Punk isolating The Rock with submission moves. There was hardly any dramatic two counts or cool counters throughout the match. The highlight of the match could have been a “Rock Bottom” through the table but the move was botched. The crowd seemed pretty bored too with the lack of action that this match had.

Don’t get me wrong, unlike most people I don’t mind that The Rock is now WWE Champion. I just thought a match with two stars like him and Punk would have put on a better display than the bore I just saw…

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