WWE Rumors: Chris Jericho vs. Ryback at Wrestlemania 29?

By Andrew Fisher

Well, it only took a few hours for Chris Jericho Wrestlemania 29 rumors to begin. Shortly after Jericho shocked everyone by returning at the Royal Rumble, it’s now being thought he may face Ryback as a heel at WM29.

First, let me say that Jericho’s return was one of the best in history. It also takes the cake for being kept an actual secret (in today’s world) as nobody knew the details of this one. Sure, some websites were predicting his return, I even acknowledged it as a possibility, but no one had proof of anything. Well done by WWE and Jericho, who planned for Jericho to drive down on Sunday from California and kept him in a bus until his spot in the Rumble match.

The return itself was great, including the crowd pop which was a 10 out of 10. Jericho even acknowledged it, saying that it was probably the loudest of his career. For IWC fans that are upset over the Rock situation, this was a nice consolation prize getting Jericho back for what looks like a Mania run.

So what about a potential match with Ryback at MetLife stadium on April 7th?

I’m not a huge fan of this idea. I like the idea of Big Show vs. Ryback more than Jerico vs. Ryback. I feel like Jericho needs someone with better mic skills to build a feud with, plus I think Jericho should remain a face for this run. The crowd is really into him and it just feels like his character is best suited to be a face right now.

Last year there was a rumored Jericho/Taker match for awhile, I hope this gets reconsidered for WM 29. All in all though, it’s just good to have Jericho back.



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