Trish Stratus Makes The 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Class Very Interesting

By Maurice D. Proffit


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Madison Square Garden may need to contact the fire marshals of New York City because The WWE Class of 2013 Hall of Fame ceremony may need extra fire protection since the stage will be hot. And by hot, I mean burning, because as announced last night on Monday Night Raw, Trish Stratus is the newest inductee into this year’s WWE Hall of Fame.

Trish made her debut in the WWE (known as WWF at the time) has a heel manager to the team of Test and Albert (“T & A”, and yes the word play was on purpose) during a time when the WWF was at its raciest. Trish came in at a time when the women in the WWF were solely used as eye candy to the male viewing audience, and did not bring much value when it came to ring work. The women of wrestling at that time were simply extracurricular segments of the WWF.

However, Trish was a special breed, who actually had the drive and determination to be more than just the fans object affection, but to be a solid fixture on the WWF in-ring roster.

Trish, who already had experience as a fitness model in Canada, honed in on the craft that she so dearly desired, and that was pro wrestling. Trish’s level of commitment would lead her to being a 7-time WWE Womens Champion and to become arguably the greatest womens wrestler to ever step foot in the ring.

Trish has transcended her talents by creating innovative moves that had never been performed by women or men in the ring, leaving the unpredictability factor at an all time high in her matches. Trish would have a Michael Jordan like exit from the WWE, as her last singles match in her career occurred at WWE Unforgiven 2006 live from her home town of Toronto, Ontario Canada. Trish would defeat Lita to win the WWE Womens Championship with the Sharpshooter (a nod to Bret “The Hitman” Hart) and would retire on top. All there is left now is her induction into the Hall of Fame, for arguably the perfect career.

Congratulations Trish Stratus


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer For Rant Sports

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