Will Kurt Angle Retire In WWE?

By Damian Seeto
Kurt Angle in WWE
Image from wrestlingnewsworld.com

Kurt Angle has revealed in a recent interview that he will be retiring from professional wrestling in the next three years. His current contract with TNA expires in two year’s time, which leaves the door open for him to retire in the WWE.

After Angle won an Olympic Gold medal back in 1996, he retired from amateur wrestling for good. The main reason he retired from the sport was because it was getting too hard on his body. Not to mention he was suffering from a severe neck injury too.

While sitting on his couch recovering from his injuries, Angle was contemplating his future career options. Professional wrestling did not cross his mind until he watched Raw one day. Amazed by the athleticism and theatrics of the wrestlers, Angle decided to become a professional wrestler.

Upon making his debut in the WWE in 1999, he became a star overnight. It wasn’t before long until he was crowned the WWE Champion – he achieved this feat just a year after he made his first appearance for the company.

From this moment on, it appeared as if things were looking up for Angle until his neck started hurting again. Even though he had successful neck surgery in 2003, the pain didn’t fully go away. He turned to painkillers to try and ease the pain, but then he started to get carried away. It was his erratic behavior and heavy use of painkillers that ultimately led to his WWE departure in 2006.

After seven years in the WWE, Angle had no where else to go except for TNA. Because of its lighter work schedule, Angle has been happy wrestling in TNA for the past six years.

According to his recent interview, he’s planning a “retirement year” once his current contract in TNA expires. It will be a fitting end for Angle to actually retire in the WWE since it’s where he first started his professional wrestling career.

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