The Rock Once Again Shows John Cena Who’s Boss

By JM Catellier
The Rock Dwayne Johnson WWE
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Welcome to The Rock, John Cena.  That was the gist of Sunday night’s Royal Rumble extravaganza.  By eliminating Ryback, Cena was crowned the Rumble champion, but it was The Rock stealing Cena’s glory once again.  In the championship bout, The Rock took down CM Punk, bringing the crowd favorite his first title belt in 11 years.


With The Rock being only a part-time wrestler, coming in and out of retirement since 2003, Cena has cleaned up in the WWE.  Between 2005 and 2011, Cena held the championship belt on 10 different occasions.  The Rock’s latest win brought his career title win total up to eight, most of which came in one of the most dominant runs in the sport from 1999-2001.  Prior to 2012, though, the two superstars had never met inside the ring.


Wrestlemania XXVIII marked the first and only meeting between The Rock—a.k.a. Dwayne Johnson—and Cena back on April 1, 2012.  The main event bout followed a year of buildup, and the match itself was no disappointment.  When the dust had settled, The Rock was victorious, having pinned Cena after slamming him with his signature Rock Bottom.


With both wrestlers victorious on Sunday’s big stage event, it seems apparent that the WWE is leaning toward a rematch.  If it happens, this could be Cena’s last chance to get over on The Rock once and for all.  Cena’s had a remarkable career in the WWE thus far, but he’ll never reach The Rock’s god-like status unless he returns the favor of last year’s head-to-head loss.  Until such time, the WWE torch will never be completely passed.


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