Where Is Jack Swagger In WWE?

By Damian Seeto
Where is Jack Swagger?
Image from wzronline.com

Jack Swagger appeared to be a promising young prospect for the WWE when he debuted in 2008. Now it seems fans are lucky just to even see the guy these days.

Swagger was born and raised in Oklahoma and was an impressive amateur wrestler. He immediately caught the attention of Jim Ross who was WWE’s Head of Talent Relations at the time. Upon graduating from University in 2006, Swagger was then offered a developmental contract with the company.

Since Kurt Angle left the WWE in 2006, WWE did not have a legitimate amateur wrestler on its roster. That is until Swagger entered the scene in 2008 and made a great impression with company officials. He had the right look and wrestling pedigree to potentially become one of the biggest stars for the future.

He made his debut on the ECW brand and became a multiple time ECW Champion. It wasn’t before long until Swagger became an even bigger star when WWE officials gave him the opportunity to win the World Heavyweight Title in 2010.

Ironically, this was to become his ultimate downfall. His title reign was seen as a joke as his matches and promos were worse than when he was wrestling back at ECW. Swagger did not hold the title for much longer and his main event position in the company was gone forever.

Throughout 2012, his career seemed to be back on track when he aligned with Dolph Ziggler. After he and Ziggler parted ways, his position in the company has been clouded ever since.

It was rumored months ago that he would come back as a new babyface character. As aforementioned, it’s been months now since Swagger appeared on WWE television and it looks like he’s never coming back. Fans can only see him during live events if they’re lucky. With that being said, will Swagger return to the company or will WWE release him instead?

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