Who Should Chris Jericho Face at Wrestlemania 29?

By Andrew Fisher

Chris Jericho‘s surprise return at the Royal Rumble has no doubt opened up match options for Wrestlemania 29. He’s a big enough name to hold one of the coveted top four spots on the card, and he can work with anyone.

The only rumor so far involves Jericho turning heel to take on Ryback. As I wrote in that article, I think Jericho is best served as a face right now. His last run felt kind of stale until he turned face last summer to challenge Dolph Ziggler. It’s not too often fans get to see face Jericho. I believe WWE must capitalize on his current popularity with the crowd and run with it until Mania.

But who outside of Ryback could Jericho face?

The Undertaker is certainly an option, as Jericho would be a formidable opponent and it would be a great match. But there are also rumors that Jericho wants to work with young talent, and help put someone over. So that would rule out Taker.

The Miz, Sheamus, and of course Ziggler are all realistic options. Although, there are no current rumors of a Ziggler match at WM 29 because it seems one could take place as soon as Elimination Chamber. Would WWE continue that feud all the way to Mania? I suppose it’s possible.

So realistically, I think Jericho does face either Ryback, Taker, or Ziggler at Mania. All three make sense on some level, and the fans would be into all three options. No matter what though, we know the match itself will be great.


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