What is the Best Match for Ryback at WrestleMania 29?

By Andrew Fisher

Ryback is no doubt one of the “new” stars of WWE. I use that sarcastically because we all know that Ryback used to be Skip Sheffield just a few years back. That’s right, the ass-kicking Ryback character was once a catch phrase-using cowboy from the original NXT. But believe it or not, Ryback was actually the original character used by Ryan Reeves (real name) back in 2008 in OVW (look it up).

But regardless, here we are in 2013 and Ryback is approaching his first Wrestlemania. There are many different directions WWE can take him, but there’s only one way to book the finish of his first WM match – with a win.

Due to a John Cena injury last fall, Ryback was thrown into the main event picture well before he was ready. Two weeks before Cena went under the knife for elbow surgery Ryback was beating mid-carders and building a feud with the Miz. Quickly, his undefeated streak was ended after Brad Maddox nutted him at Hell in a Cell, and ever since, his character just hasn’t had the same feel.

The comparisons with Goldberg are very valid in my opinion, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. Wrestling will always need Goldbergs and Rybacks. Strong ass-kicking dudes with marginal mic skills will always have a place in the squared circle. People pay to see the Ryback’s of the world throw bad guys around, it’s just that simple.

So who should Ryback face at Wrestlemania 29?

The latest rumors involve a heel Chris Jericho, which I hate – but the original rumors involved Big Show, and I like that much better. Show doesn’t need anymore Mania victories, and he’s a great fit inside the ring for Ryback. People will go nuts when Ryback picks up the 450-pound Big Show.

I know Jericho probably wants to help out young talent, but he would just own Ryback on the mic. I really don’t see a feud working out between the two.

Ryback versus Big Show is a good Wrestlemania match. It fits all the criteria for both men. Show should want to put Ryback over and Ryback should look impressive while not saying a word.


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