Bruno Sammartino Is Finally In The WWE Hall of Fame

By Damian Seeto
bruno sammartino hall of fame
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WWE announced huge news that Bruno Sammartino will finally be inducted into the Hall of Fame this April.

Sammartino has been approached by the company for many years now, but he always turned them down. One of the reasons why he always declined the offer was because of the Hall of Fame itself. WWE has inducted actors and other non professional wrestlers into its Hall of Fame and Sammartino did not want to be a part of that. Personally, I still find it odd that the WWE reserves a “celebrity wing” for its Hall of Fame. You don’t see that in the NFL or NBA

Another reason Sammartino refused to be in the Hall of Fame was because he was upset about the state of the WWE itself. Much like Bret Hart and other older wrestlers, he never liked the “raunchy and edgy” type of wrestling that started back in the “Attitude Era”.

The one person that convinced him to finally say yes was Triple H. Triple H told Sammartino that the WWE Hall of Fame will never be complete without him. After all, he is the longest reigning WWE Champion in history and is often referred to as “The Living Legend”. Not to mention he sold out Madison Square Garden multiple times throughout his career. This is the exact same venue where he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this April.

The main thing that made Sammartino finally agree to be inducted this year is how much the business has changed. As most people will know, the WWE is a clean and family friendly product now. Wrestlers are tested if they are using steroids or any other banned substance. Also, the product is less violent and raunchy as it was back in the Attitude Era. This is what really won Sammartino over.

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