What Worked and What Didn't On WWE RAW

By eddylindenstein

Monday night’s RAW was solid.  I think it really had some highs and lows, but overall it carried very well.  I once heard Edge say that Triple H could “wrestle a broom and make it look good”- I feel the same way about Chris Jericho and CM Punk.  It doesn’t matter who those two wrestle- they’ll steal the show almost every time.

Let’s move on to the rest of the show and some thoughts..

CM Punk is gold on the mic.  My wife will sit beside me with RAW running in the background and say that Punk is boring sometimes- I think he’s awesome.  Bret Hart was my first favorite wrestler when I was a kid- I was all about the pink and black and what he stood for.  He was head and shoulders above anybody else in his prime (1992-1995)- yes, even HBK.  To me, CM Punk is the Hart of this generation.  He wrestles every night; he constantly is having the best match of the night, and yet for some insane reason isn’t the focal point of the biggest storyline going on at the time almost every month.

Antonio Cesaro is being groomed for greatness and the whole time his match with Ryback was going on I kept thinking to myself: “Even if Cesaro looks strong in this match, him losing in any regard makes no sense.”  It’s exactly what happened- this is partially the reason why there has been such a disconnect with fans over the years with new stars resonating- there is no momentum.  More on this later this week..

Jack Swagger looked great.  He really needs new music, though- something with a bit more edge to it.  The new look and new aggression is welcomed- he could be a legitimate star if handled correctly in the coming months.

Rey Mysterio vs. Daniel Bryan was fantastic.  I don’t really care for Rey Mysterio- I think the gimmick is tired and he’s too limited on the microphone to really do anything else with.  Daniel Bryan can go- his cardio might be the best in the company and he should be World Champ again in 2013.

Sheamus is starting to grow on me a bit.  I don’t like the goofy attempts that he has sometimes to make people laugh- the ass kicking machine is what I like.  He reminds me a lot of APA Bradshaw in his style- tough and physical, but isn’t a complete train wreck to watch.

MizTV- this was the segment of the night.  It was awesome to see Miz look like a guy that wouldn’t back down from a fight.  Brock Lesnar is probably the most intimidating presence the company has ever had- when he walks down the ramp he just looks like someone that wants to rip your head off.  I know that the WWE won’t waste one of his PPV appearances for a match with Miz, but I was having the momentary hope that it could happen.  Miz puffed out his chest and welcomed Brock in for a fight when he had no business doing so and got beat down for doing it, but I feel like it was a big step for Miz and how his ongoing perception will be with the fans.  Let’s hope he doesn’t come out next week (or worse off, not come out) and lay an egg of a segment.

The Bo Dallas/Wade Barrett story does nothing for me unless it leads Barrett to the World Title.  Bottom Line.

Chris Jericho and Punk was another classic.

The Shield segment was good, too.  I don’t know how many uncontested beatdowns from these guys I can handle- that’s all it’s been for three months.  Dean Ambrose looks like the horse in that group- he’s going to be a big star before the other two.

Final Thought: No Dolph Ziggler on the show?  He’s one of the Top 3 in the company and isn’t on the flagship show.  I waited for him after each commercial break and it just never happened.

I’ll be back this week to discuss more on which missteps have costed some current stars their careers and which can still be salvaged with a couple of good moves.


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