A Physical Hall of Fame Would Add Legitimacy

By eddylindenstein



I’ve thought for years that one of the big things WWE is missing from it’s assets is a physical Hall of Fame.  Recently I read a blog written by Jim Ross in which he felt like it would happen eventually, but I’m blown away that it doesn’t exist already

The news of Bruno Sammartino officially getting the nod to enter this past Monday was huge. Huge enough in which the talking heads in Bristol, Connecticut were the first to report it.  Sammartino is far before my era, but the name is obviously famous.  The relationship was sour for quite sometime, but I’m happy he’s there.

I had the opportunity to attend the Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Universal City during the weekend of Wrestlemania 21.  The ceremony was one of the more special nights I can remember as a wrestling fan.  I liked Hulk Hogan growing up, but I think he was beyond his WWE-Prime by the time I was watching, he was on his way out the door.  However, the ovation that Hogan (and Rowdy Roddy Piper) received as they entered the auditorium was magic.

Being a lifelong wrestling fan puts you in a special class, there are plenty of people that know nothing about the business that would argue that fans are basically the scum of the earth.  My response to their biggest and best criticism of: “it’s fake,” is always countered by: “Do you not watch TV Shows?”  These comments seem to come by fans that spend hours watching Grey’s Anatomy and The OC back in it’s heyday.

I’ve spoken to a few people throughout the years that had visited the MLB Hall of Fame and the description was indescribable (yes, I know)- the attendee usually uttered a few words followed immediately by: “You just have to go there.”  Can you imagine a physical WWE Hall of Fame that fans could go visit?

It’s not that the way WWE currently does it is ineffective, but it seems stale.  I recognize that it’s an honor to go in, but if there is no physical property than what good does it do?  One of a wrestling fan’s best traits is their innate ability to use very vivid imagery in describing their favorite memories as a fan.  A physical Hall of Fame brings those memories to life.

CM Punk did an interview before his DVD came out last year in which he talked about his experience walking around WWE’s Headquarters and all of the historic pieces of yesteryear he found- it’s literally just sitting in closets.  This is nuts to me!

A physical Hall of Fame isn’t just something for current fans to enjoy. I think any Hall of Fame or really any common place in which items of historical significance are housed is enjoyed by fans of all generations.  45-year-old Tim (fake person) might go to the Hall of Fame and be reminded of the great time he had watching Wrestlemania 1 on closed circuit with his friends, thus being drawn back into watching once again.

Going to a physical WWE Hall of Fame would be the pinnacle for me as a pro wrestling fan.  I’ve attended events in two different countries and three different states. I’ve attended two Wrestlemania’s and one Royal Rumble.  The Hall of Fame would trump all of those experiences.


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