Could TNA's Next Big Star Be In Front Of Our Eyes?

By eddylindenstein

I’ve got to say- I’m a WWE guy.  In my time watching wrestling, WWE was always #1- even when WCW Nitro was beating them in the ratings, Nitro was sort of a “I’ll read the results if I have time,” situation.  The only time in which I really actually followed WCW was around the time Goldberg’s streak came to an end- the fall and spring of 1998, and then again when they relaunched in the spring of 2000.  Their relaunch with the Millionaires Club vs. New Blood angle was actually awesome, despite the ratings never reflecting it.

I think part of the staleness of WWE over the last few years is some lack of competition.  Although TNA is in the picture, they aren’t really competition.  UFC is so much different than WWE that they couldn’t really be considered competition.  At one point, though, it looked like TNA might be heading in the right direction, however their flaws were similar to WCW’s flaws at the same time.  They brought in Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman to be the focal point of a major angle- which was okay for a few minutes, but obviously never lasted.

Over the years we’ve seen some stars head to TNA- the most prominent being Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy (Rob Van Dam is in the conversation as well).  However, the promotion still isn’t making a lot of noise, and hasn’t caused me to tune into Impact more than four or five times in the last eight or so years.

I was reading through some various wrestling sites this morning when I saw an article on the Bleacher Report that talked about Dixie Carter making a couple of statements regarding an incoming star from WWE in the summertime.  The unconfirmed statements have Dixie Carter stating: “”One last hint. The newest member to the TNA roster, debuting in June, is a guy who will ‘slither and strike’ when the time is right.”

It doesn’t take a genius to immediately think of Randy Orton being the potential acquisition.  Orton would make a lot of sense given his multiple offenses in failed drug tests and several instances of misconduct being reported.  Furthermore, Orton’s angles have been pretty lame since his feud with Christian in the middle of 2011.

Personally I think Orton is one of WWE’s best talents and I’m blown away by the fact that he hasn’t been used well the last couple of years.  I had my hopes when I went to the Royal Rumble a few weeks ago that he would breakout and have his moment.  Just as we’re all waiting for Dolph Ziggler to cash in the briefcase, the anticipation of a Randy Orton heel turn is something most fans seem to be craving at this point.  Orton has never been better than the times he was feuding with Triple H and John Cena in 2009- he was the hottest star in the company and looked unstoppable.

Now turn the focus to Orton as a potential star in TNA- That could be “must-see” television.  One thing I will say about TNA is from afar it looks as if they have done a tremendous job in cultivating homegrown talent and making it work- aside from the few stars mentioned above, they haven’t relied too heavily on stars that made a huge name for themselves elsewhere (I don’t consider Ken Anderson a big star prior to TNA).

I watched about seven minutes of Impact last night online and was blown away by the microphone presence Devon was having.  From the 45 or so seconds I heard him on the mic he seemed to have a good edge to him.  With that being said, Orton could walk into TNA and have a several lengthy feuds with some of their top names and it would fit perfectly.

Although Orton has had a lengthy WWE run already, he’s only 32-years-old, and could have another 10-year run in TNA and be it’s biggest star.  Orton to TNA could be a legitimate game changer for that company.  As much as I’d hate to see him leave WWE, I’ve got to think that by acquiring Randy Orton, TNA would become a legitimate player and could get some momentum heading into 2014.  I’m hoping this is the case- if so, we fans would be in for a hell of a next couple of years on Monday and Thursday Nights.


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