Did CM Punk Risk His Future Due To His Pope Benedict XVI Comments?

By Maurice D. Proffit
Photo Courtesy of www.wewantinsanity.com


CM Punk received his nickname as “The Best In The World”, by proving that he is the best on the stage, in the ring, in the commentary booth and especially with the microphone. Ever since June 27th 2011 in the closing moments of Raw when Punk dropped the infamous “Pipe Bomb”, the WWE Universe has been graced with the velvet tongue and unfiltered verbal opinion of CM Punk. However, did Punk go to far today on Twitter or was he following up on an existing joke?

Earlier this morning, the news broke on the news wire that Pope  Benedict XVI will resign from as the leader of the Catholic Church at the end of February. This was a decision that sent shock waves through not only the media but the Catholic world as well. The worldwide discussion of this event was red hot on Twitter today, and a Twitter user, already in discussion about the resignation stated in the conversation a rather controversial remark. The remark was followed up by a WWE fan who noticed that Punk was tagged in the tweet and indicated that tagging Punk would not be a good idea afterall. Punk then went on to make comment in defense of the original tweet (of whom he follows) in what made it look like he supported the rather disparaging remark.

Punk’s choice in this tweet is heavily dipped in much controversy with his decision to send that to a worldwide platform and with WWE being very image conscience, this cannot lay easy on the executives in Titan Towers. However, the argument can be made in Punks defense that he was piggybacking on an already existing joke. Not saying that Punk was in the right for this decision but you can understand how this would be unsettling. So far this news is only a hot buzz within the wrestling world and has not made its way to mainstream media. I predict that the the heat for this will pass and will be forgotten by the end of the week, so it should not hold any weight on Punk’s future within the WWE nor with his already existing position in the WWE Championship title picture against The Rock. But it is another example of how Punks straight edge lifestyle is indeed shooting straight from the hip and always remains raw.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports

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