Is The Team of Tensai and Brodus Clay Mimicking A Classic Tag Team?

By Maurice D. Proffit
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Within the last seven years, we have seen some tag teams come together in the WWE which are a play on some throwback tag teams. When “Cryme Time” (Shad and JTG) debuted in the WWE back in 2006, many in the WWE Universe (who were old school hardcore fans) felt that they could’ve been a take on ECW‘s own “The Gangsters” (Mustafa and New Jack). In addition, some say that 3MB (3 Man Band: Heath Slater, Jindar Mahal and Drew McIntyer) could be a slight spin-off of “3-Count” (Evan Koragious, Shane Helms and Shannon Moore) from WCW.

But if one tag team is almost a spitting image of a classic tag team, it has to be the new team of Brodus Clay and Tensai. It is more than apparent that Brodus Clay and Tensai are the 2013 version of the Twin Towers (Akeem The African Dream and The Big Boss Man),

Sure, they are not coming out to “Jive Soul Bro” performed by the Dr. Of Style Slick, but they are coming out to a beat that is just as funky as the original tune in “Somebody Call My Mama”. In addition, when Slick would enter the ring with them, he would grace the crowd with a bit of a two-step dance for the world to see.

The Funkadactlys, who accompany the men to the ring, do more than a two-step, as they give you an unforgettable dance routine. Also, both Clay and Akeem are known for bringing the crowd to their feet with dance moves. Most obvious of it all, though, has to be the undeniable force and brute strength that both men bring to the ring similar to their 1980’s predecessors.

This may not have been on the minds of WWE creative when coming up with the concept of Clay and Tensai, but as the chips fall, the coincidences are apparent.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports

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