The Miz Nearly Injures CM Punk

By Damian Seeto
The Miz Injury Scare CM Punk
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During a WWE live event over the weekend, The Miz nearly injured CM Punk in a tag-team match the two were participating in.

Punk was teaming up with Antonio Cesaro to face against the team of Miz and Ryback. Miz was holding Punk in a stalling suplex. Usually this move has your opponent in a vertical position for a few seconds until they are dropped safely onto their back.

Miz appeared to have lost his footing during the move, and Punk nearly crashed onto the mat head first. The move did not go according to plan and Punk rolled outside of the ring for several minutes to get checked out by medical staff.

Punk was able to finish off the match, but he was visibly shaken up by the botched move. Onlookers say that he was wrestling at a much slower pace than usual.

It might be a similar situation when Sin Cara landed on his head when he was executing a move. Sin Cara wasn’t injured, but his head was very sore for several minutes after he landed on it.

As for Miz, this isn’t the first time he’s been unsafe in the ring. There was a time Triple H got angry at him for being out of position when R-Truth dived outside of the ring. Miz was buried for a short time after this. If Miz actually injured Punk, we can be sure he’ll get buried again. Especially during this time of year when WrestleMania 29 is just around the corner.

Fans can be relieved that Punk escaped from this predicament. There may have been worse consequences, though if he actually got injured during the weekend…

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