The Undertaker Slated For WWE RAW Tonight?

By eddylindenstein

I’ve been throwing around the idea of a weekly column titled “If I Was The Booker,” and create a storyline that could work with the current state of the roster and how it could shake out to an eventual match between two or more competitors.  With that being said..

It’s only February 11th and the superstar most associated with April 7th’s Wrestlemania, The Undertaker, has set the internet wrestling world on fire this morning.  The Undertaker was spotted in Nashville over the weekend at a Nashville Predator’s game- Nashville being the site of tonight’s RAW.  While the Predators are third in their division as of press time, there is little-to-no reason why ‘Taker would be in Nashville for a relatively meaningless regular season game.

Normally I would wait to write my first column of the week as a post-RAW debrief of “likes and dislikes,” but with the potential of Wrestlemania’s greatest star returning tonight, I can’t run the risk of missing out on a great opportunity at speculation.

Could we see the start of a Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker angle beginning tonight?  I was actually really excited at the potential of a CM Punk vs. Undertaker match, but I’d be far more excited at the chance of a Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker epic.  Let me set this up:

Lesnar attacked Vince McMahon two weeks ago.  On the surface it looks like an obvious setup for Lesnar vs. Triple H Part II- exciting, but no real reason to do this again.  At this point, Undertaker is the foundation for Wrestlemania and thus, Vince McMahon.  Think back to October of 2010; Lesnar exited the octagon after his fight at UFC 121 with Cain Velasquez; Lesnar and the Undertaker had a fairly publicized toe-to-toe on Lesnar’s way to the back.

At this particular time I think wrestling fans were really craving for Lesnar to return by Wrestlemania 27 as the timing would have been right to setup Lesnar/’Taker at that point.  As we know, Lesnar continued on in UFC and nothing came about it.

Shift back to this year’s Wrestlemania featuring Lesnar vs. Undertaker.  The story is simple enough: Undertaker is cemented as WWE’s greatest commodity when you look at the scope of his 20+ year career- Undertaker and Vince have great respect for one another, so the thought of Lesnar continuously quitting and re-entering the company is enough to bring ‘Taker back to essentially “defend his yard.”

This storyline could spin off into a few different directions for multiple people involved.  If Lesnar/Undertaker is the direction the company would go for Wrestlemania, this could mean a huge swerve at Elimination Chamber in which Punk beats The Rock and sets up something entirely different for Wrestlemania’s WWE Title match.  The Lesnar/Undertaker feud could also lead to a potential tag team match featuring Triple H and Undertaker vs. Lesnar and Punk.

I’ll be tuning in tonight for sure- I don’t want to get too ahead of myself as an Undertaker return, you’d think, would feature weeks of vignettes so they could capitalize on a quick ratings boost.  The reason this may not matter is The Rock is already booked for the show, and I don’t think there are any additional fans that would tune in to see The Undertaker that aren’t already going to be tuning in to see The Rock.  Additionally, back in 2011, the WWE aired vignettes for weeks to build up to The Undertaker’s return and then had The Rock return as a surprise to close the show.  Don’t think a reverse scenario isn’t possible.  Stay tuned.


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