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How Close We Were To Having WWE Network Be The New G4

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Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

That familiar sound is the clock ticking down to the official end of the channel that has housed the passion of gamers everywhere. Come April 22nd, the channel G4 will be transformed into the re-branded Esquire Channel. However, unbeknownst to many, the channel was almost saved by the WWE and was very close to being the WWE Network.

When the announcement was made that the G4 network was going to be re-branded word spread around to many outlets of entertainment seeing if there was any interest in taking over the network. The WWE and the UFC were a couple of the top sports brands that were listed in the final running to take the controlling stake, but those plans fell through as Esquire won the rights.

In the interest of an update for the status of the WWE Network, WWE has been in talks with Direct TV regarding a package deal with their network concept. The package indicates that subscribers of the network will have 24 hours access to the channel itself in addition 10 pay per views a year (not including Wrestlemania). It sounds sweet before you start doing the math.

Normally, a la carte style network subscriptions ranges between $8-$30 extra a month (depending on the caliber of channel). If WWE is on the low end of the scale, the channel itself would have to at least be $10. Adding on purchasing the pay-per-views in bulk, the discounted rate of each pay-per-view may come out to be around $20-$25 dollars.

This means we are at $30-$35 extra a month, but we haven’t taken into consideration if your PPV access will be standard or HD. If the bulk deal of HD is (lets say) $5, we are knocking on the door of $40 extra now. Remember, this $40 is in addition to your already existing cable rates.

If/when this deal finally lands, lets hope the WWE is considering that the average fan does not have an endless bank account like their last name is “McMahon”. Fans work hard day in and day out to pay for their cable network to watch Raw, pay for the PPVs when they come on each month, and purchase tickets when they are in town. Being wallet-friendly on this may be something that the WWE would want to consider.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports