Is Hollywood Limiting The Rock's Promos And Image In WWE?

By Damian Seeto
The Rock is a Hollywood man
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Back in the Attitude era, The Rock was on fire. His promos were golden and there was no topic that was off limits. Since he came back to the WWE in 2011, he’s said a few funny things but his image seems somewhat limited now.

Some might say this is due to the PG rating of the show. This is true since he’s no longer allowed to swear or say anything too rude. Although a part of me suggests that his promos are limited because he does not want to offend any demographic of the WWE audience. If he does that, they may not turn up in droves to see any of his movies.

Professional wrestlers can somewhat get away with some controversy mainly because they’re not as famous as Hollywood actors. Like the time CM Punk told someone on Twitter to “kill himself”. This would have been on mainstream news outlets had he been someone more famous. It caused a bit of controversy on some wrestling news websites, but the WWE did not suffer in any way because of it.

When it comes to The Rock, he’s a mega star now and Hollywood depends on him to sell their movies. If The Rock were to say something controversial on WWE television, this will be picked up by news outlets around the world. If he truly offends people, they may not watch Fast and Furious 6, G.I. Joe: Retaliation or any other movies he has out this year.

Tom Cruise hurt his image with all of the Scientology stuff he was promoting back in 2006. He lost a lot of fans because of this and his movie Mission Impossible III did not make as much money as the studio anticipated.

Because of this, I feel Hollywood is limiting The Rock and what he gets to say on WWE television. Not to mention he has to stay as a babyface character too. This is annoying for fans that loved his work as a heel back in the day.

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