Take Two Officially Acquires WWE Games License

By Damian Seeto
WWE Games To Be Published By Take Two
Image from dirtsheets.com

As announced by Bloomberg, Take Two Interactive will take over development and production for future WWE video games from now on.

The news was speculated a few weeks ago as originally reported by video game website IGN. This is actually the first time that the news has been officially confirmed.

As of today, Yukes’ and WWE’s contracts with THQ have now been terminated. Both companies are now allowed to enter new agreements with Take Two. Negotiations for the new contracts should be underway very soon.

According to court documents, Take Two will hire former THQ employees that have worked on wrestling games before. This might include Cory Ledesma, who has been the creative director for WWE video games for the past decade. Another name that could be snapped up is Bryan Williams, who has helped design WWE games for many years as well.

WWE decided to drop its $45 million pre-bankruptcy claim. That was the value of the video game contract the company had with THQ that was supposed to last until 2017. Instead, THQ will pay WWE $650,000 in royalty payments for any WWE games sold while under bankruptcy protection.

It is still unknown if this confirms that WWE ’14 will be released later this year. Yukes was currently developing the game before THQ filed for bankruptcy. It sounds like Yukes will continue developing WWE games under Take Two, although Take Two might want to steer the series into a new direction.

It’s also worth mentioning that Sony and Microsoft are to release new consoles later this year. It will be beneficial for all companies if they were to debut WWE ’14 on new and exciting video game hardware.

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