How the World Heavyweight Championship Can Restore Its Prominence

By Maurice D. Proffit
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For the past few years the World Heavyweight Championship title has lost a significant amount of steam that it once had. Most of this has to do with the title hopping that has occurred with the Title. We have seen the changing of the guard happening more often than usual and combining that with unmemorable championship runs, the title itself now has a diluted importance. However, tonight is the perfect opportunity for this to change and for the World Heavyweight Championship to once again gain its prestige in regards to relevance.

The WWE Championship between The Rock, CM Punk and soon to be John Cena already is established and with The Rock being the WWE Champion, the title itself hasn’t been making too many physical appearances since The Rock is only wrestling on a PPV basis. With this happening, the contenders that are seeking the WHC title now have a prime opportunity to put the focus back on that championship. Men such as Alberto Del Rio (Champion), The Big Show, Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho are the top guys who are capable enough to bring the prominence back.

Tonight is the 2013 Elimination Chamber pay per view encompassing of  Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, Chris Jerico, Kane and Daniel Bryan. The winner of this match will be the No. 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 29. All of these men are former World Champions, so the winner of this match is headed for placement once again at the top of the mountain. In addition, these men are all veterans and ring generals that are more than capable of giving us excellent matches. Throwing in Ziggler into the mix (who currently has the Money In The Bank briefcase), he brings an element of unpredictability into it where if he eventually does win the WHC he will provide a fresh foundation of future championship matches.

The World Heavyweight Championship (depending who you ask) has an overall historic lineage dating back to 1902 in the days of Geroge Hackenschmitt and Frank Gotch. So seeing the diluted relevance of said championship has to be painful, but now is the time for this to change and the WWE have the right men in place to make this happen.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer For Rant Sports

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