The Rock Unveils New WWE Championship Belt On Monday Night Raw

By Riley Schmitt
Source: Mashable

If you have watched pro wrestling over the last few years, you would have noticed how gaudy the WWE Championship looked.  It was rumored that the belt was going to be overhauled but it took a long time before it came to fruition.  On Monday Night Raw, The Rock unveiled his new belt before the live audience.

Randy Cruz – @cruzr83

Believe it or not, this belt actually looks pretty interesting.  I mean, it is specialized for Rock but if you were to remove the bull symbols, I could see this belt sticking around for a while.  It is a lot cleaner look and we do not have to worry about watching the stupid thing spin anymore.  For a while, it was actually cool.  The last few years has made it look extremely stupid.

If this is just going to be a Rock type belt, it will not be around for much longer.  You know that he is going to drop the title at Wrestlemania, so they will have to have another belt ready to go for whoever beats him there.  I doubt that they bring back the spinner belt but they could make a few changes to this one to make it work.  Whatever they do, they need to make it a bit more traditional.

The belt change the company did with the Intercontinental title was very well done.  This is not on that level but it is quite workable.  We will see how the title changes continue to evolve in the future.

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