Finally, The Rock Has Returned The WWE Title Belt to Respectability

By Michael Collins
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When The Rock gets involved in WWE Monday Night Raw, something fun almost always happens. You can count on an epic song, or other poetic form to bring a smile to your face. This past Monday was no exception, when The Rock turned his rapier-like wit to the WWE Championship belt.

I guess The Rock felt like the belt that had been introduced in 2005 by 10-time WWE Champion John Cena was a bit on the cartoonish side. Truth be told…it was. Let’s face it, the pinnacle of all achievements in professional wrestling had a belt that looked like you could pick one up at Toys ‘R’ Us.  The WWE logo in the middle of the belt would spin like the rims on a gangsta car that had hydraulic lifts on all four wheels.

The decorations around the belt all had a kind of hip-hop feel to them, which made sense since Cena brought the belt into existence during the “I wanna be a hip-hop star” phase of his distinguished career. But the entire belt just smacked of juvenile delinquency, and it was time for a change.

Leave it to Dwayne Johnson to layeth the smack down on Cena’s belt.

The Rock held the Cena Spinner Belt while pacing the center of the ring, doing his best magic on the microphone saying, “When this was unveiled eight years ago, it worked…it worked, and there were some people who thought this title was cool.”  But then the people’s champion turned his snide grin and raised eyebrow, “But there was also some people who believed in bigfoot.”

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Clearly The Rock had no intention of donning a belt to WrestleMania 29 that was designed and introduced by one of his biggest rivals.

“The bottom line is this. To me, the championship title should never look like a toy. And it should never….EVER…spin.” The Rock stated has he took his index finger and gave the WWE logo in the center of the belt a spin.

After handing the belt off to one of the ring assistants to “take back and put in the Hall of Fame”,  The Rock then unveiled his own version of the WWE Championship belt (pictured at top of page), and oh what a belt it is. FINALLY, the belt has come back to some respectability thanks to the Brahma Bull.

I’ve always been a fan of a more classically styled belt, like the WWE Heavyweight Championship belt (formerly the WCW Championship belt), but I have to say that the new design for the WWE Championship belt is striking, and definitely seems a little more grown-up looking than the homage to John Cena’s jorts and bling personae (although for some reason Cena still insists on wearing the jorts).

Perhaps the new belt is a sign that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is going to move the company back into a direction of more hardcore wrestling and adult storylines, something that the wrestling giant has been missing for more than a few years now. I’m not saying a return to the “Attitude Era” is what’s needed, but perhaps something in the middle of the road from that era, and the current babytown frolics nonsense that’s been fed to fans for too long now.

The return of The Rock to Wrestlemania as WWE Champion was already going to be a huge draw. This new belt is just the icing on the cake.


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