What Does Jack Swagger's Arrest Mean For WrestleMania 29?

By Damian Seeto
Jack Swagger Arrested Prior To WrestleMania 29
Image from prowresblog.blogspot.com

TMZ has reported that WWE Superstar Jack Swagger has been arrested for DUI and possession of marijuana.

Sources have told TMZ that Swagger was leaving a Smackdown taping at Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi. He was initially pulled over for speeding. The police suspected Swagger was driving under the influence. Upon further inspection of Swagger’s vehicle, they found he was in possession of marijuana.

This is obviously not a good look for both Swagger or the WWE. The company would not want any bad publicity just a month away from WrestleMania 29. Swagger was booked to face Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Title at the event. Chances of that match still happening following his arrest might be changed, however.

WWE has yet to officially announce or comment on the matter. Although this isn’t the first time one of their wrestlers has been arrested for speeding, DUI and possession of marijuana. Back in 2006, former WWE stars Sabu and RVD were arrested for the same thing. Both men were suspended for 60 days. Not to mention RVD was the reigning WWE and ECW Champion at the time. He was obviously stripped of both titles following his arrest.

It’s highly possible WWE will also punish Swagger in a similar fashion. This is bad news for Swagger since he just came back a few weeks ago to “repackage” himself. He was set to be one of the company’s biggest heels and his match with Del Rio at WrestleMania 29 could have been a great match to see.

Sadly, I doubt that match will be happening at all now. It looks like Del Rio will have to face someone else at WrestleMania 29…

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