WWE Announces Partnership With Paramount To Promote Rock Movies

By Damian Seeto
The Rock in a movie
Image from screencrush.com

WWE sent out a press release earlier today to announce a special partnership with Hollywood studio Paramount Pictures. The special partnership will be a joint effort from both companies to help promote The Rock.

WWE stated in the press release it will use “all of its assets” to promote both G.I. Joe: Retaliation and Pain & Gain. Not only will WWE use WrestleMania 29 and its weekly TV shows to promote both films, but it will also use digital and social media as well.

Although it was not stated in the press release, Paramount Pictures will put effort into promoting WWE’s WrestleMania 29 event too. This will be done by booking Rock into as many talk shows and other media outlets to promote his films as well as WrestleMania 29. Rock will also be carrying the WWE Championship belt to any public appearance he makes on behalf of both companies.

Bear in mind, this agreement is only for Paramount movies that star The Rock in them. To my knowledge, WWE has not promoted The Rock’s movie Snitch which is released in North America this weekend. Fast & Furious 6 is due out later this year too, but that film is being distributed by Universal.

Rock mentioned in his 2011 promo he did not return to the WWE to promote any of his movies. He returned solely to entertain and give back to the fans who made him famous in the first place. Even though Rock himself hasn’t shamelessly plugged himself on WWE television yet, this hasn’t stopped WWE and Paramount from reaching this special agreement.

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