Sounds Like Stone Cold Steve Austin Is Retired For Good

By Damian Seeto
Stone Cold Steve Austin Retired
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Stone Cold Steve Austin is arguably the most popular WWE Superstar in history. Sadly, a neck injury he suffered in 1997 never fully healed and he was forced to prematurely retire from professional wrestling in 2003.

Many fans accepted this, as they didn’t want to see Austin paralyzed if he were to wrestle in “one more match”. As time went by, Austin received more surgeries on his neck and started off a moderately successful movie career. He stated in recent interviews that his neck feels “okay” now and he would be able to wrestle again in one more match.

This sparked many rumors that CM Punk would face Austin at WrestleMania 29. Punk has called out Austin on a number of different occasions and a promotional video for WWE ’13 alluded to the fact these two might face off against one another in real life very soon.

Sadly, Austin had just received surgery on his knee and chances of those two facing at WrestleMania 29 were squashed. Although fans are still clinging on to the fact that Austin is physically able to compete in at least one more match in a future WrestleMania event.

People close to Austin have said that his wrestling career is indeed over. Even if Austin is well enough to wrestle at WrestleMania XXX, he will have to be the main focus of the show. Although Austin is good friends with The Rock, he still doesn’t want to make a comeback to the WWE yet unless he’s the main star of the show. Since Rock has confirmed he will wrestle at WrestleMania XXX, the chance of Austin being on the show as well looks pretty slim right now.

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