Glenn Beck May Have Saved Jack Swagger's Career

By Damian Seeto
Jack Swagger Talking
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Earlier in the week, it looked like Jack Swagger’s WrestleMania 29 spot was in jeopardy thanks to his DUI and marijuana possession charge. Ever since conservative talk show host Glenn Beck started to publicly criticize the WWE and its current storyline involving Swagger, the company has started to get more mainstream exposure.

Beck and other conservatives have criticized the WWE’s current angle with Swagger and his manager Zeb Coulter being racist on TV towards minorities. They feel this is an attack to the Tea Party movement that want tougher laws regarding immigration and other regulations.

WWE responded to Beck’s criticism by releasing a video where Swagger and Coulter actually broke kayfabe and admitted that wrestling is part of the “entertainment business”. Coulter said like with TV shows and movies, there are protagonists and antagonists in wrestling too. He and Swagger are playing the role of bad guys, while Mexican Alberto Del Rio is playing the role of the good guy. In other words, it’s not meant to be taken seriously…

WWE actually invited Beck to Monday Night Raw to state his rebuttal on the matter but he declined the offer. With Beck chickening out, it looks like the company wants to take this storyline further and getting rid of Swagger will only make WWE look weak in comparison because of this. Not to mention they’ll lose all of the mainstream exposure they’re currently receiving as well.

Ironically, if Beck shut his mouth and did not comment on the WWE whatsoever, Swagger would have been suspended already and his main event spot at WrestleMmania 29 would have been yanked from underneath him. RVD was charged with the same misdemeanors as Swagger back in 2006. He did not get off lightly as he was suspended for 60 days and was stripped of both the WWE and ECW titles…

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